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[D-Arts] Megaman X (SDCC Exclusive Metallic Ver.) - Mura's Journal
[D-Arts] Megaman X (SDCC Exclusive Metallic Ver.)


Series: Megaman X
Character: Megaman X (Metallic Ver.)
MSRP: NONE (SDCC 2011 Exclusive)
Average Auction Price: 70.00 ~ 80.00 USD

"Aww yeah! Let's do some damage!"

"What?! There's an ULTIMATE Marvel vs Capcom 3 coming out?! Alia, ready my armor! My X4 ULTIMATE Nova Strike armor!

"I'm so pumped! Maybe this time I'll finally be able to hang with my bro, Zero! None of this Tatsunoko shit or vanilla MvC3."



"... I haven't fired this buster since 2004, when my last game came out."

"Are you kidding me, Alia?! There's a NEW blue bomber in town?!"



"I know! I'll get all my faggot fanboys to make a facebook page about wanting to put me in as DLC!! Capcom will listen if we get a billion users to 'like' it. ONLINE PETITION TIEM!!!!!"

"Forget those Marvel guys. It's on, Wright! It's Capcom vs Capcom now!! I am an iconic legend that will make the online community explode with rage!"

"... What? Online facebook-style petitions don't always work?! (Dammit, I look like an idiot.) WHAT?! This lawyer is also getting a game where he faces off with that Professor Layton guy?! I've got nothing lined up for me.... No wonder they didn't put me in UMvC3. I'm as good as canned."

Massive thanks to clessaileron for hooking me up this year for this, at San Diego Comic Con 2011. At the con, it was only 5 more dollars than the mass produced, normal edition that costs 40.00 USD at select comic/hobby shops. It's too bad X didn't make it into UMvC3, eh? But I'm more than fine with the characters that got in. MOST of them actually make sense on the business side of things, as they had or will have an upcoming game/comic to promote. (X, unfortunately, does not.)

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clessaileron From: clessaileron Date: August 2nd, 2011 07:16 pm (UTC) (Link)
Seeing these photos of X is making me want to say, "X, are you going to be like Zero and scream, 'What am I fighting for?' with hilariously bad acting?" The pics certainly makes him look like he's heading that way.

Oh yeah. You're very welcome for the hook up.
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